10 days - Rurrenabaque - Pampa Tour (TE10-01)

Skeleton Itinerary
Madidi NP, La Paz, Rurrenabaque, Pampas and Chalalan

Day 1 - Arrival to La Paz

Day 2 - Flight to Rurrenabaque and sightseeing in the town and its surroundings

Day 3 - Trip to the Pampas

Day 4 - Walk through the pampas and return to Rurrenabaque

Day 5 - Trip from Rurrenabaque to the jungle lodge of Chalalan along rivers Beni and Tuichi

Day 6 - Walks into the jungle in the vicinity of the Chalalan Ecolodge

Day 7 - Chalalan Ecolodge

Day 8 - Navigation from Chalalan to Rurrenabaque and flight to La Paz

Day 9 - La Paz – sightseeing- visit of the Valley of the Moon

Day 10 - Departure from La Paz

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