27 days - Unesco Circuit (TE27-01)

La Paz, Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca, Cordillera Real, Coroico, Oruro, Cala Cala, Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, Totora, Incallajta, Pojo, Samaipata, Amboro N.P., Santa Cruz, San Xavier, Concepcion, San Ignacio, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Noel Kempff Mercado N.P., Los Fierros, Cochabamba

This is our longest programmed tour, and it certain shows you the complete spectrum of Bolivia rich in cultural and natural contrasts. It takes you through the most beautiful places in Bolivia and through all the UNESCO sites in Bolivia. It starts with the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu) and the sacred Lake Titicaca and Island of the Sun and Moon. It takes you through the mighty Andes to picturesque village of Coroico and then, through some ancient rock paintings at Cala Cala, to the largest salt flats in the world; Salar de Uyuni, set in the barren Altiplano among snow-covered volcanoes. From there you visit two colonial jewels; Potosi and Sucre, where you can admire the lovely architecture and spectacular setting among the Andes. Next you visit small colonial villages of Pojo and Totora where the time stands still, and then Incallajta Inca ruins which are still hidden from most visitors. Then the tour continues to the Samaipata site and to the fringes of Amboro National Park. Your next stop is Santa Cruz from which the tour follows into the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos with lovely baroques style churches and pleasant countryside. Next, the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park; the jewel of flora and fauna in the Amazon basin. Then you make your way to Cochabamba skirting the Amboro and Carrasco National Parks and the coca growing region of Chapare. The tour concludes its circuit in La Paz.

If you do have the time, this tour will definitely give you the complete picture of the most beautiful country in South America, and you will give you wonderful memories for the rest of your life

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