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Welcome to the Bolivian Experience Longer tours List. All of our tours are based out of La Paz. Our longer tours are designed to give you more detailed insight into Bolivia if you have more time on your hands. Within the “longer” tours we have “shorter” tours which are designed to visit a particular area of interest, or we have longer tours which will give you the whole picture of Bolivia. We also have one tour which specifically visits the major archeological sites in Bolivia and another that visits the UNESCO sites of Bolivia. If you wish, and have the time, the shortest of these, the 10 day “Madidi – Pampa” tour can be combined with any of the others as to give you the insight into the whole spectrum of Bolivia’s natural treasures and ethic background. .

Please use the menu at the left of the screen to select the Bolivian Experience tour you are interested in. You will find there detailed description of each tour and also pictures relevant to the tour. There is also a map which indicates the route which will be followed during the tour.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Bolivian Experience.

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