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South America - Bolivia!!! That sounds exotic, mysterious, full of adventures, however after the first emotions of a travelling fever pass, another words will come to ones mind; yellow fever, malaria, cholera etc.

Yes these diseases and others do exist in South America and in Bolivia; however with a little bit of planing and caution, you will hardly come to a contact with them, let alone be infected with any of them.

Thus we will give you here a little bit of advice which you might want to follow, in order to enjoy your vacations, and return back home healthy and full of good emotions and amazing experiences. This advice is purely to orient you in a right direction, and we strongly recommend that one or two months before the date of your planned trip you visit your travel advisor or physician, and follow his/her advice.

We strongly recommend immunization against the following diseases:

Yellow fever

Some countries require that on entry you show an international yellow fever certificate if you have been travelling in Bolivia prior to entry to that country (eg. Australia, Brazil, to name just two). Yellow fever is present in Bolivia, especially in the northern lowlands. The certificate becomes valid 10 days after the vaccine is administered and lasts for 10 years.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus, usually transmitted via contaminated food and water, attacks the liver and may lead to jaundice and a prolonged illness. Modern hepatitis A vaccines are highly effective and, if boosted at 6 - 12 months, provide long term (10 years or more) protection.

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