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What is the best way to carry money around in Bolivia?

In Bolivia there are actually two currencies coexisting; Bolivian Boliviano (Bs.) and American dollar. In a large cities you might be able to pay for the more expensive items (around U$100, sometimes even less) with American dollars. It is therefore handy to bring a certain amount of your money in American dollars (it is good idea to have certain amount in smaller denominations notes like 5, 10 or 20), which can be easily exchanged. If you bring US dollar currency, make sure that your notes are in good conditions without any tears. It is nearly impossible to exchange damaged notes. Also do not bring notes with higher denomination then U$100. We do not recommend euros, these can be exchanged in large cities, but are virtually worthless if you want to pay directly with them. Bolivian notes exist in 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Bolivianos denominations. Be weary of carrying your money in any denominations higher than Bs.50, as you will have problems getting change for them. Be aware that there are lots of falsified notes in circulation

The safest way to carry around you money is to have them in travel cheques (use only American Express), if these are stolen or lost they can be readily replaced in the American Express office. If your cash is stolen or lost is lost for ever. The disadvantage of having money in travel cheques is that you cannot pay with these, you have to exchange them in exchange houses or banks, and the exchange rate for these is lower then for cash.

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