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Situated in the heard of South America, Bolivia is a country of superlatives and interesting contrasts. Half of the country lies in the tropics and the other in the mountains. The country envelopes all kinds of landscapes from tropical rainforests and jungles, to glacier covered mountain giants. There are also deserts that are void of any plant life.

If your goal is to get to know South America, then you can be sure that in Bolivia you will really get to know it. The majestic Andes, the remains of the mysterious Tiwanaku and Inca cultures, the sacred Lake Titicaca shrouded in veil of myths and legends, salt lakes surrounded by volcanos, lagoons of different colours full of flamingos, narrow mountain roads above deep gorges and abysses winding its way over mountain passes which touch the sky, weather beaten Indian villages in mountains and high plateaus, colonial towns where it seems the time has stopped, preserved Jesuit missions, dry gorges covered by cactus reminiscent of old western movies, plantations of tropical fruits, Amazonian jungle with screeching parrots, monkeys and colourful butterflies, Amazonian swamps and wetlands full of snakes, fishes and birds and that is only a part of it. All this and more is offered in Bolivia to the curios and intrepid traveller. The only thing that you will not find here is the sea and the lights of modern cities. In Bolivia it is possible to encounter places which in the last 500 years have not changed at all as if time had lost its power over them.

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