Cordillera Real (TE01-05-CR) - Page 3

11:30-12:15 Milluni - Chacaltaya ( 22 km – 13.7 mi )

We will cross the creek which feeds the lagoons and pass by abandoned mining complex of Milluni, connect with a main road and continue due south. After several kilometres we will arrive to an old cemetery, which looks like miniature town due to the style of the tombs that the locals use. Few kilometres further down we will pass the large Milluni dam and then climb once again to a low ridge line where we turn north to start a climb to our highest part of the journey, Mt. Chacaltaya. The road continues to rise gently until it gets to the base of the Chacaltaya massif, here it becomes narrow and rocky, and it starts to climb sharply in a series of sharp curves towards the Club Andino Lodge, which can be seen high above us as an eagles nest. On the way to the lodge we will pass several mountain lakes with crystalline water, and remnants of old mining settlements. Eventually we will arrive to the lodge.

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