Tiwanaku and Valley of the Moon (TE01-01-TV)

This Bolivian Experience one day tour will take us to Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu) and to the Valley of the Moon. If you have only a short time to discover Bolivia and you want to explore some of the Bolivian cultural heritage, and also to see some surrealistic scenery, then this tour is custom made for you.

Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu) ruins had been declared Humanity and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, here we will explore this vast and mysterious pre-Incan archaeological complex and its museums.

After lunch in the town of Tiwanaku, we will return to El Alto, and descent to the valley of La Paz through interesting countryside and visit the Valley of the Moon, desolate moon like landscape formed by relentless action of nature’s elements over thousands of years.

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The itinerary described on the following pages corresponds to a tour with the option of full board and lodging in the better hotels and restaurants for the duration of the tour.

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