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10:00-11:30 Tuni - Milluni (25 km – 15.5 mi)

At Tuni the relatively good road ends, and we continue south east along the river valley of the river Tuni. We will pass by remains of old mineral mines, and the road slowly looses much of its substance. The majestic Mt. Huayna Potosi (6088 m – 19973 f)) and Mt. Saltuni (5284 m -17335 f) are the next mountains which will come into our view. It is time do gain some altitude and the nearly nonexistent road starts to climb to the ridgeline opposite to the Mt. Huayna Potosi. It is possible that this stretch of the road might not be passable after heavy rains, but generally it is transitable. The low gear ratios of our SUVs, will become handy here. The road or rather track steadily climbs and the landscape around us changes. The road climbs to a moon-like landscape which is filled with ancient crumbled rocks. The road climbs to about 5000 m (16404 f), and then it follows the ridge line. From here we will have some unforgettable views of the surrounding Cordillera Real mountains. Eventually the track connects with a better maintained road and after climbing little bit more it goes over a ridge and starts to descent into Milluni valley, which contains several artificial lagoons.

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