Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca and Coroico (TE05-01-TLC)

This Bolivian Experience five day tour will take us to the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu), to the sacred Lake Titicaca and then through the mighty Andes to the village of Coroico. If you have five days to discover Bolivia and you want to explore some of the Bolivian cultural heritage, see the most interesting part of Lake Titicaca, see Cordillera Real from close up, and see some of the Bolivian tropics, then this tour is certainly for you. Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu) ruins had been declared Humanity and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, here we will explore this vast and mysterious pre-Incan archaeological complex and its museums. Then we will visit the most important places on and near the Bolivian side of the Lake Titicaca. The tour will take us through the Altiplano to the shores of the lake and then along the shoreline and across on a ferry to the most beautiful town on the whole lake, Copacabana.The next day we will explore the Indian communities on the Copacabana peninsula with unforgettable scenery. Then we will navigate the Lake Titicaca on vessel owned by one of the communities and will visit the famous Island of the Sun (Isla del Sol) and the Island of the Moon (Isla de la Luna), where you will be able to appreciate some of the remains of the Inca civilization. After spending another night at the shores of the Lake Titicaca we will depart to negotiate some little used roads through the mighty Andes reaching altitudes of over 5000 m (16400 f), and then by drastically descending (vertical difference of 4000 m (13100 f) ) into tropical valleys on the eastern side of Cordillera Real, visiting a lovely village of Coroico.

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