Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca and Coroico (TE05-01-TLC)

Day 4 - Page 1

07:30-08:10 Huatajata – Patamanta (35 km – 22 mi)

We have a fairly long day ahead of us, most of it on mountain roads suitable only for four wheel drive SUVs. After an early breakfast we leave our hotel and drive towards La Paz, eventually we leave the lake behind us. When we arrive to the village of Patamanta, we will leave the main road and turn north east towards the Cordillera Real mountain range.

08:10-09:00 Patamanta – Tuni (20 km – 12.4 mi)

We will start a steady if not great ascent towards the Cordillera Real mountains. As we slowly ascent the climate gets harsher and the fields slowly disappear and only plain with hardy grass remains. There might be herds of llamas and alpacas grazing here. Eventually we will get the glimpses of Condoriri group, with its three major peaks. After further driving we will get to the village of Tuni , this is the gateway to the mountain climbing and tracking in the area. There is a large artificial lake here which supplies La Paz with drinking water.

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