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Photos and Pictures from Oruro department of Bolivia

Welcome to the picture album of Oruro department of Bolivia. Here you will find photographs of the main attractions in Oruro that are visited by one or more Bolivian Experience tours. Some are not on a scheduled tour, but can be visited if you wish so. We can put together a tour just for you and your friends.

Oruro department is one of the poorest departments of Bolivia lying entirely on high plateau of Altiplano and in the Andes. It has an area of 53,588 km² (20,690 sq mi). The population (2001 census) is 391,870. Its capital is the city of Oruro, famous for its folkloric carnival.

Oruro borders upon Chile the west, and the departments of La Paz to the north, Cochabamba to the east, and Potosi to south and east.


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