Pasto Grande, Chulumani + Coroico (TE03-02-PCC)

This Bolivian Experience three day tour will take us through some very little visited areas east of La Paz. If you have only a short time to discover Bolivia and you want to explore some of the Bolivian cultural heritage, see some typical Bolivian countryside, view some spectacular mountain scenery and see some parts of Bolivia that only very few visitors ever see, then this tour is for you.

We will visit wide range of ecological, geological and climatic zones, by moving through a wide range of altitudes (1000 - 4900 m (3280 - 16076 f)). We will cross the mighty Cordillera Real mountain range, pass by the imposing Mt. Illimani, visit the little known pre-Columbian archaeological site of Pasto Grande, enter the fertile area of Irupana and visit the Apa Apa Forest Reserve famous for its bird population. Then we will drive through a coca growing region passing small communities to the picturesque town of Coroico, which will provide us with some unforgivable scenery. From there we will return through the Cotapata National Park via Cumbre pass to La Paz.

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The itinerary described on the following pages corresponds to a tour with the option of full board and lodging in the better hotels and restaurants for the duration of the tour.

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