Tiwanaku and Chacaltaya (TE01-02-TC) - Page 2

9:00-12:00 Visit of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu)complex

Tiwanaku is a group of ruins, which is all that is left of the spiritual and political centre of the Tiwanaku culture that had developed for almost 3000 years, and is thought to achieve the highest level of all the cultures in South America. Tiwanaku has been declared Humanity and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO back in the year 2000. The whole complex is divided into roughly three parts; the main archaeological zone, two museums and archaeological zone Puma Punku. First, we will visit the main archaeological zone. Here we will be able to observe Akapan, a pyramid with seven terraces; semi-underground temple where we will be able to observe wall doted with stone statues of heads and the monolith Barbaro; next follows Kalasasaya, a large temple and astrological observatory where we will find the famous Sun Gate and monoliths Ponce and Fraile; the tour follows with the visit of smaller excavations of Putuni and Khericala. Then follows the visit of the two museums; pottery museum and lithic museum, which houses the famous Benet monolith. Finally we will visit the remains of the Puma Punku temple. There is very little left of this three terraced temple, however there are remains of huge building blocks, some of which weight more then 100 tuns

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