Tiwanaku and Chacaltaya (TE01-02-TC) - Page 1

7:00-9:00 La Paz – Tiwanaku (100km - 62mi)

Early in the morning we will leave your hotel and start to climb out of the La Paz valley. The road to Tiwanaku goes through El Alto (where the La Paz international Airport is located), the poor and desolate satellite city of La Paz. Leaving the El Alto, the road goes west and runs straight on the Altiplano, passing small communities and fields of potatoes, quinua and other local crops. The road then passes Laja, original foundation site of La Paz. We will make a short stop here to see the local church. The road then continues over a small mountain range, from which during a good weather conditions one can observe eastern peaks of the Cordillera Real, and then back down into the valley of river Tiwanaku and to Tiwanaku (Tiahuanacu) itself.

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