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You are one step away from viewing some amazing Bolivian landscapes. The same landscapes that you will be able to observe if you choose one of the Bolivian Experience tours. Each photograph has detailed description, and also a link (or links) to the tour during which it was taken. Thus you will have an instant idea of what you will be able to see during each tour.

Just choose the region you would like to visit from the menu above, if you would rather choose by theme, click on this link.

Once you have chosen a region within Bolivia to explore, you will be shown album of thumbnails for a particular area in that region. To see a bigger photograph with full description, click on that thumbnail. If particular area has more thumbnails then fit onto one page, you can use a "page" menu below the thumbnails to navigate between the pages.

You will also see on the left hand site a menu with names of particular places within a region, to navigate between the different places just click on the name of a particular place you would like to see.


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