When is the best time to visit Bolivia?

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The driest and coolest moths. Visibility at the Altiplano is still good, but the countryside is dry; yellow brown shades are the only colours represented here. Nights are bitterly cold. Unsealed roads are very dusty. Lowlands have pleasant temperatures and water levels are significantly lower. Animal life starts to concentrate around the river banks and around lagoons which start to form in the drying out wetlands. All roads are transitable now.



The Altiplano is very dry, visibility is lower, and the whole horizon seems to be covered by fog, which is mixture of dust and smoke. In the lowlands the smoke can be so dense that the visibility can be even less then 5 km. Visibility can improve temporarily after short rare showers. This is the best time to visit the wetlands, which are nearly dried up and the animal life si concentrated around the last spots witch provide it with food and water. There is also less insect activity



The rains start again, and the roads become hard to negotiate. Mountains start to be shrouded in clouds. These two months, especially December, are the least convenient moths to visit Bolivia

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