When is the best time to visit Bolivia?

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The rainy season (summer) brings higher temperatures to the Altiplano, countryside is green the little fields are full of flowering crops. However the mountains are usually invisible, as these are shrouded by thick cloud cover. It rains nearly every day, especially in the afternoons, and the rain is usually accompanied by thunderstorms. The lowlands are shrouded in muggy heat, the rivers and the wetlands are flooded. Animal life is dispersed over thousands of squared kilometres of the flooded areas, and thus hard to spot. However there is plenty of insect life. Many roads are intransitable due to flooding or landslides or they just turn into bogs. So what is the best time to visit Bolivia? Well that is a rather difficult question to answer. The main tourist season starts around June and finishes in October, if you visit Bolivia at this time it is fairly certain that it will not rain, and you will be able to see the mountains (but it will be rather cold), dry Altiplano, and in the lowlands you will have the optimal conditions for the visit of wetlands and jungle.

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